Indo-European popstar Ridi Oswal ready for India debut, upcoming fusion ‘Guilty Feet’

Image Source : INSTAGRAM Indo-European popstar Ridi Oswal

Ridi Oswal, born of Indian heritage and raised in Switzerland, has charmed the Indo-European pop music world with her sensational singles. The 19-year-old singer never fails to capture the hearts and minds of music lovers with her evocative lyrics. She began singing at the age of eight. Her debut single “Top Guy”, released in 2021, was an emotional song about the importance of standing up for what you believe in and raising your voice against injustice. Ridi’s music has a unique blend of Indo-European pop.


One of her recent hits “Happier” is a poignant pop ballad infused with Indian fusion factors. Ridi’s recent single “Aaja Baby”, is an ideal instance of how her lyrics embody Indian languages and dialects, interweaving the essence of Indian culture with modern topics inclusive of relationships, mental health and social media https://www.instagram.com/realridi/

Ridi began singing at the age of eight. She began creating her symphonies at a young age, creating each sound with a sense of purpose and an unwavering commitment to authenticity. Her songs have featured regularly in Rolling Stone, VICE, Lock Magazine, Cliché Magazine, Wonderland and many more.
Ridi’s track resonates now not only with critics but also with audiences worldwide, as her tracks achieve coveted recognition as BBC Asian Network’s ‘Track of the Week.’ Her tunes are played across various Music TV networks including B4U and BritAsia and are listed in global charts on Apple Music and Spotify as well as Apple Music Charts in the Maldives.
Ridi’s melodies have emerged as a viral sensation, with over 50,000 Reels and millions of TikTok listens in three weeks.
Her GIFs on GIPHY, like ‘Merry Go Round,’ have garnered over forty million views. Her mesmerising beats have been regularly featured on popular dance radio station charts in the UK, USA, and Denmark.
Ridi is also a co-founder of the “Stop the B” campaign, a noble initiative aimed at raising awareness against social bullying and encouraging human beings to become ‘active bystanders’. Her anti-bullying campaign has garnered endorsements from Brazilian Footballer Ronaldinho and secured her an invitation to speak at a UNESCO global anti-bullying discussion board in Sweden.

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