Bigg Boss 17: TV producer slams Ankita Lokhande for showing fake love towards TV shows

Image Source : SOCIAL Ankita Lokhande entered Bigg Boss 17 house along with her husband Vicky Jain

Bigg Boss 17 has been making a lot of headlines ever since its premiere. Since the beginning of the show, the feud between the housemates has started. This season, along with TV celebs, several content creators have also entered the show. And recently the BB house saw a fight between TV actress Ankita Lokhande and rapper Khanzadi in the house. The feud started with the rapper taunting Lokhande for being a TV actor. This ended up in a big fight where the Pavitra Rishta actor was seen firing back at Khanzadi. Ankita threw taunts at her and even claimed that she’s getting footage on the show just because of a TV actor.Β 

However, seems like this did not go well with TV actor and producer Sandeep Sikand. He did not like Ankita’s comment about TV at all. He expressed his anger through Instagram stories, slammed Ankita Lokhande, and took a dig at her show of love for TV.

Sandeep’s Instagram Stories

In the first story, Sandeep shared a screenshot of Ankita from Bigg Boss 17. Along with this, he wrote, “I have a complete headache, please stop speaking”. In another story, he wrote, ‘All these “TV actors” who are suddenly talking about their love for TV and their profession. I wonder where that love and professionalism go when they dole out 3 and 4 hours (out of the agreed 12 hours) for shooting, when they demand changes in the script, or when they make strange demands on the dialogues.”

“At the end of the day, if they sign a film or even an advertisement, TV commitments go straight out the window. Therefore my request is to kindly SHUT UP! There are very few actors who really respect and accept TV and they never feel the need to shout or make a fuss about it. The loudest voice is not always the truth,” wrote Sandeep Sikand.Β 

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