An actor’s life: 200 films under his belt, Tiku Talsania says ‘jobless’

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The pain of being jobless can be shattering. It’s not just the financial strain but also the emotional toll it takes. The daily grind of job hunting, the fear of mounting bills, and the loss of a sense of purpose can lead to anxiety, stress, and even depression. Bollywood veteran actor Tiku Talsania who has done almost 200 films is going through the same agony at the moment. Speaking to The Indian Express recently, Tiku shared that despite his extensive experience in the industry, he currently finds himself in a phase of being “slightly jobless.” He continues to actively participate in auditions in pursuit of promising roles.

Tiku went on to reveal that, despite his involvement in Gujarati plays and occasional film projects, he is currently facing challenges in securing new opportunities in the industry. 

“I have not stayed away, but I should get a film. I should have a role in a film that suits me. Of course, I like to work. It is not like I’m taking retirement or something, but role toh milna chaahiye na (but I should get some offers). There are no roles, so how do I do it?,” the actor narrated his ordeal to The Indian Express


Calling himself “slightly jobless”, ‘Dil‘ actor shared, “Gone are the times where there used to be formula films with cabaret dance, two love songs, and the comedian coming and doing his bit and going away. That all has changed now. It is become story-oriented. So unless and until you become a part of the story, or you get to play a character of a person whose story is knitted with the story, you don’t get work. I am slightly jobless right now (laughs). I want to work, but the right kind of roles are not coming my way.”

Elaborating his situation further, the veteran actor said,”I’m actively searching for work. I’ve got an agent and a team helping me find scripts and roles. They inform me about opportunities and, when needed, I give auditions. The entertainment industry has evolved over time, especially after the challenges posed by Covid. People have become more proactive and innovative in their approach to work. It’s a positive change, and I appreciate the new way we approach opportunities. I’m currently waiting for offers to come my way, but I’m also reaching out to express that I’m an actor eager for new roles. So, if there’s a suitable part for me, I’d be thrilled to take it on. That’s the mindset I’m adopting.”

Tiku Talsania has primarily worked in the Hindi film industry, although he has also made appearances in regional cinema. He is known for his comedic roles in various Bollywood films and has been a part of the entertainment industry for several decades. Tiku Talsania’s performances in both comic and character roles have made him a recognisable face in Indian cinema.  Some of his notable Bollywood films include Andaz Apna Apna, Dil, Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin, Main Tera Hero, Chachi 420, etc. 

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