Aap Ki Adalat: Why did Sunny Deol not use body double in Gadar 2 despite having eye-related problems?


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Image Source : INDIA TV Sunny Deol in Aap Ki Adalat

Sunny Deol appeared on popular news television show Aap Ki Adalat, following the success of his latest flick Gadar 2. India TV Chairman and Editor-in-Chief Rajat Sharma quized the superstar on various topics including his political career, old feud with Shah Rukh Khan, chances of making Gadar 3 and more. One such topic was of him not using body double for dangerous action sequences in Gadar 2.

In reply, Sunny Deol said, ”No, I didn’t use any body double except for a few scenes. I do such scenes on my own because it is about right body language and expression, which gets hampered there are so many cuts in between.”

To this, India TV Chairman Rajat Sharma said, ”in today’s time, most of the big actors use effects to shoot such scenes. Whole scenes are shot on stage and effects are added afterwards.”

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On this, Sunny said ”safety is a big concern today, one should do it. However, everyone has a different way of doing it. If there is something which I think I couldn’t do it, I will also use it. But often what we do, I think I can do, so I do it myself.”

Rajat Sharma: Are you fond of taking risks?

Sunny Deol: No, I am not fond of it. May because I am a sportsman I take everything as a sport.

Rajat Sharma: Is this true that doing Gadar 2 involved very hard work, all the actions scenes in the film were realtime and no special effects was used to shoot them?

Sunny Deol: Yeah, most of the films I do, we don’t use much special effects, except for a few. Everything we shoot is done on-location, we go to the actual location to shoot despite facing several issues like weather. In today’s time, everyone has a camera and wherever we used to go, fans used to click pictures and take videos, and all such stuffs start to circulate online. And, we were unable to stop such things. And Definately, despite health problems and other issues all out sction sequences were real.

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Rajat Sharma: All these blowing up of tanks, blasts were real?

Sunny Deol: Yes, they were real. 

Rajat Sharma: When you go to save your son in the film, it was very windy and full of dust and you had eyes-related problems. You even had an operation done for the same?

Sunny Deol: Yes, I had eye-related problem at that time and went to shoot after the operation. It was all dusty but it was supposed to be done. I have one big problem for which I even get scolded from family members for not taking care of health. Despite such weather condition, I went to shoot there and frequently used eye drops. In the end, it was all good. 

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